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Çizgelikedi Women Project  (20-29 June)
“Who is this?”

The women's project Çizgelikedi(*) in 2007 united after an open call in autumn, 2006. The project is made of women who live in Izmir and take photos with pleasure. They met for 6 months every Monday and started to work specifically.

"Who is this?" thus they asked themselves and together, looked for hidden and open abilities. First they should understand this power, then make clear and decode afterwards by long conversations. It was not just a search for ability and personality - much more - the task was questions ask. Till the beginning of May, 2007, so within 6 months, a visual representation had to go for "Who is this?" are made.

Till present this reflexion was shown in the following galleries
- Izmir Çizgelikedi art gallery
- IFSAK Ibrahim Zaman showroom
- Bornova Anadolu high school of Ahmet Piristina art gallery
- By the world women day on the 8th March in the city administration Bodrum
- In the art gallery of the city administration Bodrum

In addition, there are two other appointments
- In April in Iskenderun and from the 20th to the 29th of June in the Nail Çakırhan and Halet Çambel culture and art house in Akyaka.

The participants of the Çizgelikedi of women's project 2007 are:

Şule Alçik, Hülya Anbarlı, İsmet Arıkantürk, İlknur Baltacı, İpek Cabadak, Neşe Cengiz, Tuba Dirmik, Aygül Durak, Arzu Filiz Güngör, Emel Kayın, Süreyya Martin, Gönül Ocak, Nergiz Savran Ovacık, Yeser Sarıyildiz, Ülker Sokulluoğlu, Elif Telciler, Güzin Tezel, Fenay Ulu, Gözde Yenipazarlı.



(*)Çizgelikedi (Graphicat), contains an enterprise for photograph seminars, a studio, different projects, darkroom and an art gallery.