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Feriha Büyükünal
(09.09. - 18.09. 2011)

                                                  In her life
1946             Born in Istanbul
1965             Atatürk Gymnasium for Girls
1981-1985    Painting education at the F
aculty for Fine Arts of
                     the Marmara  University (State High School for
                     the Application of Fine Arts)
1986             Engraving works at the Çamlıca Art House
1987-1993    Art Consultant and Gallery Management of the
                     Garanti Bank
1993-1996    Art Director and Consultant for the Vakko
2004-2005    Art Consultant for the Istanbul Chamber of         
                                                 2004-2005     “Ramenka” Art Consultant / Moscow
In her exhibitions
1982                   Turkish Artists Solidarity Exhibition / Urart Art Gallery Istanbul
1983                   Personal Exhibition / Hat Art Gallery
1984                   Group Exhibition / Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan Art Gallery Women Artist
                           Exhibition / Hat Art Gallery
1985                   Group Exhibition /  Neriman Erkut Art Gallery
                           DYO Paintings Exhibition / Izmir- Istanbul Ankara
                           Today's Artists Istanbul Exhibition / Paintings and Sculpture Museum
1986                   Personal Exhibition /  Dizayn Art
1997                   Personal Exhibition /
Garanti Art Gallery
1998                   Personal Exhibition / Vakko Izmir Art Gallery
1999                   Personal Exhibition / Emlak Art Gallery Ankara
1999                   Beril Erkut- Feriha Büyükünal Exhibition / MEB Art Gallery
2010                   Beşiktaş Culture Centre Group Exhibition

In her writing
1986-1996          Sanat Çevresi Magazine / Art- Reportage- Research
1990-1994          Cumhuriyet Newspaper / Art - Paper
1991-1993          Türkiye’de Sanat Magazine / Art
                           “Sordum” (I asked) Book Sanat Çevresi Magazine ( Culture – Art
                           Reportage )
1996                   Yeni Yüzyıl Newspaper / Art
1997                   “İstanbul’da Bir Aşktır Sanat” (In Istanbul Art is Love) Book
                           (Memories of Art – Documentary)
2004                   İtovizyon Magazine / Art (finished 2007)
2006                   “Bir Zaman Tüneli Beyoğlu” (Beyoğlu is a time tunnel) Book, Doğan

Book Publications
2009                   “Manastır- Istanbul Molla Bayırı No:2” Book (Avcıol Print Publication)

In her artistic events
1981-1986          Istanbul Paintings and Sculpture Museum and Society / exhibition
                           arrangement- social and cultural event- guided museum tour program
1989-1997          Beyoğlu Beautifying and Conservation Association / auctions exhibition
                         cultural social events
1990                    İbrahim Safi Exhibition and Book /consultancy- exhibition commissioner
1990                   Osman Hamdi Bey Congress / consultancy and organisation Kanal D TV /
                           Art Program designer and presenter
2004-2005          Istanbul Chamber of Commerce / art events- competitive exhibition and
                           street workshop
2005                   Moscow “Ramenka” exhibition organisation