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Gülbin Süer

(22.10. - 31.10. 2010)

Gülbin Süer was born 1953 in Tire, a town in the Province of Izmir.
She finished primary, secondary and high school in Tire. Her painting during high school was appreciated and encouraged by her art teacher Seha Gidel.
While dreaming of a life with art and an education at the Painting Department of the Academy for Fine Art, she graduated from the Faculty for Economy and Commercial Sciences of the Aegean University in 1975.
She started to work in the Tire branch of the Ziraat Bank in 1978 and retired from there in 2001 as Accountancy Manager. During her professional years she painted and drew her surroundings whenever she found an opportunity.
The most important things in her life are her daughter, her family and her friends. Apart from painting, she likes to read, solve crosswords and to travel.
After her retirement she started to broaden her horizon by travelling in the country and abroad. During these trips, she collected data about nature and life, the main subjects of her paintings.
Where painting is concerned, Gülbin Süer is selflessly supported by her family. She attended painting group sessions between 2003-2005 in Tire, in Ankara between 2005-2006 and from 2006 on again in Tire.
For Gülbin Süer painting means the transformation of her feelings into colours.
Striving to reflect her feelings and her joy of living onto her canvases, she participated in 6 group exhibitions in Tire and one in Ödemiş between 2003- 2009.
Gülbin Süer says: "If you want to see and feel the beauty of our country, look at my paintings."