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Emel Gülsoy
(02.07. - 11.07. 2010)

I graduated 1971 from the Department of Mathematics of the Middle East Technical University. I started painting in 1982 during my student years, and commenced working in the Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Museum, in Orhan Çetinkaya's Painting Workshop, Kayıhan Keskinok's Art and Manufacturing Studio and the Still- Life Painting Studio of Evita Haluk. I am a member of the Ankara Women Painters Association and have participated in group exhibitions of the above mentioned associations and studios. Until today I opened eight individual exhibitions and commence my in my own studio.

The most beautiful subject for me is nature. I am affected very much by autumn and its colours. It is aware of its melancholy beauty and I try to capture my impressions by keeping its light and balance in the foreground and by transferring myself, "Emel", into my paintings.

My materials are oil and acrylic paint, tar and charcoal pencil, sometimes all of them combined. I like to create different textures on my work surfaces and often use 'claire obscure / cameieu' techniques. All these various materials and methods differ from canvas to canva and burlap to burlap and do not only offer me diverse surfaces but makes working with them to an adventure.

The olive tree as symbol of health, peace, and immortality and flowers.

Individual Exhibitions:
• 2008 Finland - Porvoo.
• 2006 Gökova - Akyaka, Nail Çakırhan Halet Çambel Art and Culture House
• 2006 Bodrum - Gümüşlük, Gümüşlük Municipality Art Gallery
• 2005 Bodrum - Gümüşlük, Gümüşlük Municipality Art Gallery
• 2004 Iskenderun, Public Education Center Exhibition Salon
• 2004 Ankara, Dentaform Art Gallery
• 2001 Istanbul, Koç Bank Cemil Topuzlu Branch
• 2001 Ürgüp, Municipality Culture Center

Group Exhibitions:
1999 - 2010 Ankara, Contemporary Arts and Culture Center, Traditional Annual Exhibition
2009 Ankara, Cumhuriyet Newspaper Art Gallery
2009 Ankara, Exhibition Salon of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
2009 Istanbul, Istanbul University, Kuyucu Murat Paşa Medresa
2005 Eskişehir, Municipality Culture Center
2001 Ankara, Transparent Art Gallery
2001 Arhavi, Municipality Culture Center
1998 Ankara, T.C. Ziraat Bank Art Gallery
1998 Izmir, İş Bank Art Gallery
1995 Ankara, Texture Art Gallery
1986 Ankara, Milli Piyango Art Gallery