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Tracey Harrington Simpson 05.06 - 14.06

Tracey Harrington-Simpson (Taiche) was born in Yorkshire, England in 1968.  Even as a child she showed talents in drawing, sketching, painting and needlepoint. She received encouragement from her Art Teacher in High School and has never been afraid to explore different techniques and ideas in her paintings; the uniqueness of her work is evident to the eye.

After gaining her degree in Health and Community Studies at Chester College she was accepted for Management Training with a well known international retail company. After acquiring an NVQ 4 in Management she went on to take up a management post working with people with learning disabilities.

Together with her husband Brian she first visited Turkey in 1992 on holiday. She and her husband holidayed in Turkey every year for the next nine years and eight years ago decided to move to Turkey permanently. They have many Turkish friends and could never envisage returning to England. After finally settling in Ataköy with three dogs and eight cats Taiche returned to her love of painting.

She is now frequently featured on the internet and has received acclaim from many other artists.

Her style has been classed as re-modernist but her subject matter is both eclectic and unique. All her paintings shown on the internet have been viewed by many lovers of art (one painting, now sold, received over 1000 views in a three month period).

Her favorite subject is the female form, but her many commissioned works include abstract, animals, flora, portraits and landscapes.

She hopes, that everyone who visits the exhibition enjoys her work (her motto is: if she would not hang it on her walls – she will not sell it).

Her more semi-erotic paintings are available for private viewing by appointment and all her work can be viewed on Redbubble - http://www.redbubble.com/people/taiche

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