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İbrahim Keleş 22.05. - 31.05

Born in 1957. He left the Graphics Department of the High School for Fine Arts in Istanbul in 1980 and graduated from the Main Branch for Ceramic of the Marmara University in 1985. Between 1985- 88 he illustrated books for children. During the same period he drew caricatures and worked on graphic design for various magazines. He founded his own agency in Ankara. Besides promotion work he designed the material for many election campaigns. As Vedüt Resim he created illustrative city views, nine of them being published. He organised workshops during the 1. European Youth Festival. As a columnist for the monthly satirical magazines ÖKÜZ and KÜSTAH he published graphic design in his column "Mixed Technique". Up to now he opened five individual exhibitions showing his graphic design posters.  

Exhibitions in chronological order:

 1- Non- Political Posters, Graphic Design Exhibition, Ankara, Belpa Art Gallery, 1993

2- Put two of them up, Poster Exhibition, Ankara, Dost Art Gallery, 1996

3- Put two of them up, Poster Exhibition, Istanbul, State Gallery for Fine Arts, 1996

4- Postering, Graphic Design Exhibition, Ankara, Ada Art Gallery, 1999-2000

5- Global Handling, Graphic Design Exhibition, Ankara, Contemporary Arts Gallery, 2006


The graphic arrangements of his political work “GLOBAL HANDLING” show that, under the name of globalisation,  a new exploiting system has been globally forced onto people, resulting tragically in people being deprived of hope and trust nowadays. The outcome of neo-liberal politics and the consequentially unbalanced distribution of incomes are problems, whose solution are more and more hard to find, like hunger, terror, security, environment, education, health, ethic and social complexes. These problems, which, created by globalisation, indistinctively threaten the whole of mankind, are the theme for this poster exhibition, and the visual aphorisms, crafted by an imaginative mind, offer a fine satirical and political humour.