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Hatice Önal 19.06 - 28.06

Born 1956 in Burdur/ Turkey
Basic training in Izmir/ Turkey and in Bruchsal/ Germany
Studied economics at university in 1992 and absolved an occupation training as a banker.
In 1988, after working for a few years, she began an art education under the  painter Şeref Bigalı.

She worked in the workshop of the painter's group, the 4th  Dimension Group of Arts, from 1997 to 2003. She also worked with the painters Soner GÖKSAY and Ali KOÇAK.
Presently, she works in her own workshop. Most of the time she participated in several group exhibitions in Bodrum.


Individual Exhibitions:
TCDDY Museum in Izmir, February 2006
The Marmara Hotel Bodrum, December2006
Konak Municipality,  Dr. Selahattin Akçiçek Culture Centre, 27.1.2006 - 11.12.2006
JazzNow Art Gallery in Bodrum, 12.07 - 25.07.2007 
Bodrum Municipality Art Gallery, 06.06.2008 - 13.06.2008

The unknown adventure

"The development of a painting; the diverse images, colours and  speckles coming together and not knowing what will come out of this work in the end, is an unknown adventure.

Contrasts like Thought- Expression, Anxiety- Doubt, Affection- Happiness push themselves into the subconscious mind and take their places on the canvas in an unknown and unpredicted manner.

Besides them there are subconscious thoughts and traumas, pushing, yet unwanted in the conscious mind; these are subjects that have to be faced bravely in psychological and psychoanalytic sessions.

Even if late, traumas have to be faced. With my figures I try to describe a world, where the human anatomy- deformed, missing limbs, yet sportive- is not obstructed in its movement, where the handicapped is not handicapped…" says Hatice Önal.