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Dineke Mühürdaroğlu 25.09. - 04.10.

1947                Born in Nijverdal - Holland

1953-58          Primary School Aufkirchen - Germany

1958-59          Municipality Gymnasium - Germany

1959-60          Private High School Berg - Germany

1960-68          Almelo Erasmus Lyceum - Holland

1968                Hotelier Occupation High School Bad Reichenhall

1968                Married and came to Turkey. First she lived in Ankara, afterwards she lived for many years in Marmaris

1997                Settled in Ataköy – Gökova.


Because Dineke has spent her childhood in Holland, a country famous for its nature, sea, breakwaters, windmills and painters, painting did come quite naturally to her.

Alongside her house in Ataköy a modern workshop has been erected by her husband and his younger sister. The sister, Semiramis Öner, lives in Holland and compensates her homesickness with her painting. Painters of the vicinity began to gather in the workshop, build in her name, and started to work as a group.

As a member of this group Dineke, too, took to the brush and began painting very impressive pictures and landscapes with tiny meticulous brush strokes, following the traditional Dutch school.

My Gökova

The first descent from the Sakar Mountain provides a  nice surprise for everyone! An unbelievable view stretching until the horizon is embracing us.

And with every descent one is equally enchanted, because one is transported into different frames of mind. Every time we approach excitedly and marvel about what will await us.

The gulf and plain of Gökova, Akyaka and the villages surrounding it never cease to fascinate us, whatever the season, adding beauty and charm to our lives, arising awareness about how lucky we are to be able to live here.

Our greatest wish is to be able to see, live, transfer, share and, most important of all protect this beauty.