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ysel Özenir 26.08. - 06.09.

I was born in Uşak in the year 1952. I finished primary school in Uşak, middle and high school on the Gymnasium for Girls in Karşıyaka.

Between 1985-1998 I worked in various workshops on design, water colours and oil. I participated in group exhibitions and prepared a special collection for the Side Garden Hotel in 1996. In the year 1997 I opened an individual exhibition in the castle in Çeşme. 

I achieved a place in the Ondokuz Eylül University's Faculty for Fine Arts Ceramic and Glass Main Branch in 1998. 

I finished my studies in 2002 and in same the year I won the special award of the Golden Jug Ceramic Competition with my piece "BURKA". Nowadays I work in my workshop in Karşıyaka Atakent, Izmir.

I am member of the Turkish Association for Ceramic.

Some exhibitions I participated in:

2000  D.E.Ü.G.S.F. Student Exhibition

2002 Resim Heykel Müzesi Altın Testi Seramik Competition and Exhibition

2002 Atatürk Kültür Merkezi Narlıdere

2005 İzmirli Kadın Sanatçılar Exhibition

2005 2. Bienal Internacional Argentina

2007 C.Y.D.D. Event Exhibition Uşak

2007 İzmir Esnaf ve Sanatçılar Derneği Hediyelik Eşya Competition and Exhibition

2008 8 Mart Kadın Sanatçılar Elele Exhibition / Istanbul

2008 İntes Sanat Galerisi (individual)/ Ankara

With my latest works I have taken to the themes of "From Anatolia" and "Dance".

Besides the forms I developed being inspired by past Anatolian civilisations,  I wanted to reflect to the spectator some of the elements of Anatolian Seljukian architectural elements and the geometric decorations on their kitchen artefacts, which I simplified; my objective being to recall to the mind these memorable works of art, found so rarely nowadays.  

With the dance theme, I wanted to find out how far it would be possible to express the rhythmic movements, poses and the magic of dance with ceramic. For this I imagined Anatolian folkloristic garments while working.

Depending on the location, I used materials like fireclay, vacuum, porcelain, casting or red clay. I worked with or without glaze or fume. On some of my ceramic forms I applied molten glass and tried to present to the onlooker an aesthetic appearance between clay and glass.