Ekendiz Tanay (24
Oct. - 02 Nov.)

She was born in 1933 in Ankara, finished in 1948 the Sarar Elementary School, and concluded in 1952-1953 the girl's high school in Ankara. After she visited the Academy of fine arts in Istanbul for one and a half years, she returned to Ankara. In 1966 the artist went to Germany and visited courses at the ceramic school in Karlsruhe. After she returned to her native country, she took part in courses of the "Mineral Examination" institute and started to work there. In 1970 Mrs. Tanay began within the scope of the cultural exchange with Indonesia to take part in the courses of Mrs. Sefire, worked in her "batik courses" and issued her art.

When she found out, that an American friend who worked with glass painting was back, both co-operated and opened exhibitions. In the house of the Turkish-American Association they gave batik and glas painting courses. In five years 5,000 pupils took part in her courses. The adolescent expert founded the "Rainbow" studio with the pupils. Together they opened exhibitions. Likewise they founded in Ankara a school only for women, called "Vitrayer-kadinlar (glas painting- women)".

To give a good school education to her children the artist moved in 1989 to Pendik Istanbul. There she opened a branch as chairperson of the "Turkish women's union" and continued her cultural and training works. When she turned back in 1998 to Ankara she founded in the same year the "association for solidarity of women, culture and art".

She made great efforts to explain the anatolian culture to a greater audience and supported the hand crafts of the Turkish women.

On the 29th October 2007 the artist has has moved to Gökova-Akyaka because of its natural beauty.