Simon J. A. Simpson
(01-10 August)
An Informal C.V. of His Life in Photography

As a schoolboy Simon Simpson entertained romantic ideas of becoming a geologist – seeing himself gently ambling through pine-forests, geological hammer in hand. This all changed after a minor academic crisis after which he decided to become a photographer instead.
In 1977 he successfully completed a B.A. Degree in Photographic Arts at the Polytechnic of Central London, learning how to do photography properly – besides a lot of other useful and interesting things. Wanting to work in The Film Business he got a ‘temporary’ job with BBC Television Film Department; and fifteen years later found himself being made redundant. For some reason only known to himself he worked in sound recording, and post production sound, but continued taking photographs for his own pleasure – much to the dismay of friends and family on whom he inflicted his efforts.

He now works with disadvantaged people in the UK, setting-up and delivering projects to help improve their personal and interpersonal skills. Nothing at all to do with photography, but very rewarding none-the-less.

In the meantime he married a beautiful Turkish-Kurd and, therefore, had his photographic horizons stretched into Turkey for the first time. Thus, he found he was acquiring a large number of pictures of Turkey and so decided it was time to do something more serious about his photography.

He joined his local Photographic Society in Beckenham and is now its President. He has exhibited in the UK, both in his own right and with others; and has had an article on photography and at least one photograph published in UK magazines
(the latter only the size of a postage stamp). He takes great delight in photographing landscapes and nature as well as the unusual, quirky and amusing – in all of which Turkey is abundant.

One day he would like to become slightly famous but hopes, for the moment, that people will enjoy and appreciate how he sees the world through his photography.