Memik Kibarkaya (23. May -01. June)

The artist was born in 1950 and graduated from the university as a veterinary surgeon. To be able to exercise his occupation as a painter, he believed that he had to be connected closely to animals and nature  to have the readiness to paint nature. Sometimes he works without a break for many hours, sometimes it doesn't work out at all - he simply follows his muse.

He usually has the best ideas if he is stressed, especially by the negative sides of the things which happen around him in the world. These negative things impress him - so his painting could be used as a way of an escape, like many painters before did - he believes. F. Mualla escaped from police, Goya feared the king, V. van Gogh tried to run away even from the whole world.

 Some artist are like oysters. If there is a disturbing particle, they cover and enclose it beautifully with mother pearl. That is what he feels when painting.

 One day he saw a picture on the wall and he was touched very much. Later he found out that it was a picture of Vincent van Gogh. Many days he spent making copies. Other artists like C. Monet, I. Calli, Renoir gave him inspiration, too.

His pictures are little bit unusual. He uses oil-pastel, sometimes he uses his fingers, if the paper sometimes turns out too small, he just adds another sheet in ordern to get more space.

Of course there are many critics- positive or negative-, but now he has 30 years of exhibit experiences and he does not care any more
                                                     for criticism or mockery, just following his own way.


With pleasure he is ready for any discussion with YOU