Hale Ozansoy (10 - 19 October)

As a child of a pedagogue's family the artist came into the world in 1954. She graduated from the state academy of arts Istanbul in the field of architecture for structural engineering.
She was a pupil of Özdemir Altan, Altan Gürman and Özer Kabaş.  

After she had worked many years as an architect also in Istanbul, she moved to Bodrum and took part in painting courses at the university of Muğla . For 2 years the artist was trained by the painter Soner Göksay. Then, in 2003 she founded her own studio where she continued her works.
She is a member of the association ART in Bodrum and
writes poems and short stories besides her painting. Some of her paintings are in private collections in Izmir and Bodrum. 

The focus of her works are mostly persons, she puts especially women in the foreground.

 Personal exhibitions:

2007 egeart
2007 jazz now art gallery
2007 taksim art gallery
2006 tcdd museum and art gallery
2005 pera art gallery
2004 Council art gallery  


Mixed exhibitions:

2007 fer-art art gallery                      Akhisar
2007 artist07                                     Istanbul
2007 pera art gallery                         Istanbul
2005 galerie binyıl                              Istanbul
2005 pera art gallery                         Istanbul
2003 yaghan
e                                    Bodrum
2002 karada marina                          Bodrum
2002 carrefour                                   Izmir
2001 berker art point                        Bodrum
2000 oasis gallery                              Bodrum
2000 ataman gallery                          Bodrum
1999 samara hotel                             Bodrum
1998 vitali                                           Bodrum
1998 haluk elbe art gallery                Bodrum