Ayşe Saray (29 August - 7 Sept.)

 Art formation/ateliers:

Eşref Üren, Osman Zeki Oral ( oil pastel, design)
Bünyamin Balamir, Ercan Gülen ( design, ink)
Asım Yücesoy, Orhan Güler, Saadet Gözde ( watercolor)
Emel Seyrantepe (design, ink, watercolor)
Yurdanur Özdinç (abstract, oil, mixed)
Gülseren Sönmez (mixed)
Filinta Önal, Turgut Tuna (sculpture, tile)
AFSAD, FSK, Tacettin Teymur Fotoğraf Atölyesi ( photography)

AFSAD: Sun Print Techniques (fotoğraf - photography)



Ankara Women Painters Association: AWPA


Mixed painting, photography and sculpture exhibits

Mixed exhibits of AWPA (2004-Eskişehir, 2005, 2006, 2007-Ankara)
Turkish Chamber of Medicine (2006-Ankara)
“and Woman” and “That comes with the light” (2006-Ankara)
“for Women by Women” Mixed Photography Exhibit (2007-Ankara, Bursa www.kadinlaricin.org)
Ateliers Exhibit (2007 Ankara)
“Dreamy Truths” Solo abstract photography exhibit (2005-Ankara, 2006-İstanbul, 2007-4-Adana)
“Dreamy Truths” Solo abstract photography exhibit (2007-Kosova)
“Dreamy Truths”- Selection- European Community Office Women’s Week Activities
(2007, 8-15/3  İstanbul)
“Dreamy Truths”- Selection- TURKRAD (2007 Antalya)


The “Dreamy Truths” reflect the joy of discovering the color and light that recalls our dreams we are forced to look for large scales and at far away by the chaos and technology leading us today, at the very near of us, just beneath of our hands and at the depths of ourselves using a Nikon FG 20, an old and mechanical SLR simply.

Exhibit is made up of dreamy, yet true images of materials that highly reflects and or refracts the light. It is the first exhibit and unique composition of absolute abstracts, also a gate between painting and photography, distance and coldness of “abstract” and cozy warmness.

Please take your seats and enjoy yourselves at this world of dreams...

Chronology of the Exhibit:

Contemporary Arts Center (Ankara, 2005)

Association of Photographer of Istanbul (2006)

Selection- European Community Office Women’s Week Activities (İstanbul, 2007)

Adana Association of Photographers (2007)

Dokufest Documentary Film Festival (Prizren, Kosova, 2007)