Friends of Gökova-Akyaka
Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel
House of Culture and Arts
Nurhan Kavuzlu & Arzu Taşkıran (18.05. - 27.05. 2012)

Nurhan Kavuzlu 
I was born in 1958.
I am one of the l
ucky people who love what they are doing. I worked in publishing houses and opened one myself. Of all the works in the world of literature, poems have a special place in my heart. So I also gave them a special place among the books I have published and introduced the "World's Poets" to Turkish readers.

Arzu Taşkıran
I was born 1973 in Hopa. Graduating from the Management Department of the Gazi University I began my working life in Istanbul.
My interest in marbling started about eight years ago, when I took courses from Sadettin Özçim's assistant Ayşe Işıman.

 Furthermore I chose to publish eclectic works about love, Istanbul and children. But the stress of life in a big city and this hectic professional life did not allow me to become more active in NGOs or to occupy myself with things I like. Settling in Akyaka in the year 2001 I could finally spend more time with these endeavours. So I participated on a course for textile painting opened by the Department for Public Education and took part in further courses learning wood painting, lithography and marbling.  

Paper, fabric and paint… my favourite three working materials. In my exhibition you will also find some samples of my newly acquired skill of lithographic textile printing.
 I hope you will regard my work as skilled handicraft rather than art.

I love marbling because it is a traditional art and full of surprises.
Even if the colours and the touch of the fabrics used in marbling do resemble each other, the outcome is always different.
I am living since three years in Akyaka and have opened a course as marbling educator for Public Education this year. Parallel I am learning calligraphy from Mehmet Bal.

I have participated in some group exhibitions in Istanbul before and had a first personal exhibition at the Yücelen Hotel in the year 2010.