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Yıldız Dinçer-Yalçıner & Sezen Yalçıner 10.08. - 19.08.

M. Sezen Yalçıner

He was born 1937 in Istanbul. After graduating from the  Sultanahmet Business High School and the Business College of Istanbul, he worked for many years as financial adviser. In 1969 he began his career as a publisher. He established the Tay Publishing Company for comic books and became the publisher of Walt Disney Books in Turkey. He also opened publishing houses in Belgium and Germany.

In 2001 he retired and moved south,to Fethiye. Here happiness awaited him. In 2002 he married Yıldız Dinçer and together they came to Akyaka. He started to paint as a hobby on different subjects. When in 2005 the Akyaka Art Centre opened his striving became more resolute.Continuation of his work was supported by the affinity and the encouragement of his instructors,  Erdoğan and Nursel Nur.

His subject could be called "Abstract Lines"; experimenting freely on one line. In his pictures he combines Gouache, Acrylic and Ekolin Colours.

This is his first exhibition.

Yıldız Dinçer-Yalçıner 

The artist  was born 1944 in Istanbul Kadıköy. In 1964 she went to Switzerland, coming back to Istanbul in 1989, after 26 years. For a hobby she participated in textile and wood painting courses. Later she transferred her knowledge with oil paint onto canvas, working in the studio of "Cahide Topaloğlu" in Istanbul Şişli on still lives and landscapes. She has completed her education in abstract landscape oil painting in the "Art Centre" in Akyaka tutored by Erdoğan and Nursel Nur. Her subject is the beauty of nature.


2001 Istanbul Cahide Topaloğlu Group Exhibition

2004 Akyaka Nail Çakırhan-Halet Çambel Culture and Art House