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Tülay İlhan 19.10. - 28.10 

Starting her education in 1986 at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Hacettepe University, she had the possibility to visit courses of teachers like Adnan Turani, Turan Erol, Mustafa Ayaz. 1990 she graduated from the studio of Zahit Büyükişleyen. During her master studies she worked under Hasan Pekmezci, Zafer Gençaydın and Veysel Günay, finishing her master education 1992 in the same area.

Beside various group exhibitions she also opened four personal ones:

1992 Ankara Oluşum Art Gallery

1993 Bursa State Gallery for Fine Arts

2000 Ankara Piyano & Piyano Art Gallery

2005 Ziraat Bankaı Kuğulu Art Gallery

 For a time the artist worked as the manager of the Vakko Art Gallery. Working for the Culture Ministry she illustrated book covers and worked on poster graphics. Besides teaching art she nowadays works in her own studio.

 Tülay Ilhans first paintings dealt with environmental pollution and human contact.
On her quest for colour and form she produced abstract collages on over-urbanisation and pollution.

The distinguished stages of her career are reflected by evident differences in style and subject.

Up to date she has opened four exhibitions, expressing the facts of life in a semi-abstract work language.  

The artist remarking on her work:

“I transfer events I live or feel, filtered through emotions and thoughts, in my very own manner into my work. The most important elements in my paintings are the recurring shades of colours and blots.”

Tülay Ilhan continues to work in her own studio.