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Nuran İskit-Bektaş 07.09. - 16.09.    

Nuran Iskit-Bektaş was born 1934 in Istanbul (Üsküdar). She was educated as an Interior Designer at the "Üsküdar American and Istanbul Academy for Fine Arts". Her talent to paint has been supported by her American art teacher Miss Blatter. Her love for beautiful nature  gave her painting direction, after coming  to Akyaka in the year 1987. Nuran Iskit spends the winter with her husband in her house in Istanbul Ayazpaşa, and lives during the summer for the last 20 years,  in the "4 Evler" ("Four houses”) in Akyaka. She has a daughter and two grandchildren called Can and Lara.

Flowers as her main art topic in the exhibitions:

Istanbul Beşiktaş Culture Centre (15th-22nd of April, 2002)

Erenköy Bakraç Gallery (2004) 


 Why Water Color?

 One of the reasons why I use watercolours is that my hand got used to them during my academic years, colouring architectural graphics. Another advantage for me is the quick application corresponding to my character; the transparency letting the paper structure shine through, the lightness and transience,  at the same time giving me the possibility to produce a hazy atmosphere.

I have to remark that all of these comments were uttered by dear friends.

When I started to paint flowers after a long time, I thought that watercolours are my swiftest possibility to transfer their corporealness, their colour, scent and heart-warming liveliness onto paper.

About Nuran İskit:

 “Nuran Iskit’s watercolours are like fresh sun after a rain shower, brightness and of an inner warmth …”

Sait Günel, Painter