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İmren İyem Aslan 29.06. - 08.07

She was born in 1964 in Diyarbakır and visited school in the same region. She graduated from the Erol BATIRBEK Studio of the Gazi University in 1995. Her participation in the final competition won her an award. She joined several group exhibitions. Between 1996-2005 she worked as an art teacher in various elementary schools, parallel giving drawing and ceramic lessons in a private kindergarten.  

In  2002 she had personal exhibitions in the TESK Art Gallery in Ankara and 2005 in Municipal Art Gallery Diyarbakır. 2007 she participated in the Istanbul Çekirdek Art Interpretation Exhibition with a Van Gogh Interpretation. In the same gallery she was accepted for the exhibition “66 women, 66 works”.

In 2004 she made the cover illustration for the book of Dr. Uğur Ibrahim Hakkıoğlu "Yargının Doruğunda Adaleti Aramak-Kütüphanemdeki Nükteler". She continues ceramic courses for children her own work in Ankara.





Cover illustrations for Dr. Uğur Ibrahim Hakkıoğlu’s book "Yargının Doruğunda Adaleti Aramak-Kütüphanemdeki Nükteler".

 Approach to my  work:

The key to understanding my art, which I chose quite late in my life, is the imaginative impression. In my figurative work I describe the mental landscapes of people, drifting away form themselves or striving for change in the frame of modern life and everyday efforts.

Even if the wanted impression, given through applied pointillism, sometimes moves in the direction of the unreal, it never is completely removed from worldly values.

Therefore each painting is the sketch of the following, an adventure without known result and a war waged on canvas.

My work expresses, besides the “stories” the independence of colour without  sacrificing the figure as such.

Every painting is an individualistic action; the artist wins the subjective battle, but loses her “characteristics” in the moment of contemplation by others, so her work is recreated with every seeing eye.

At this point of coming “out of the past into the future of every painting, the spectator receives the message, that the human “effort for clarity” is born from the striving for creativity and comprehension.


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