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Emre İkizler 27.07. - 05.08

 The artist was born 1969 in Istanbul. He graduated as environmental engineer from the Technical University of Istanbul and as G.S.F. Photographer from the Marmara University. He still continues in the program "Sanatta Yeterlik" (Qualification in Art) in the Photographical Department of the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts. Beginning in 1985 as an amateur, he can consider himself since 1995 as a professional photographer. His main focus is on nature, people and architecture. He is interested in digital photography and aims his work in this direction. Up to date he produced 18 slide presentations, opened two exhibitions, has taken part in several group exhibitions and published photographs in various magazines. During 1995-1999 he created a total of 41 multivision and multimedia programs with photographs and graphics in the Gültekin Çizgen Multivision Studio.

Since 1993 he gives photographer education seminars in the institute "Fotografevi" (Photographer's House). He publishes the photo magazines "f" and "Iz" and contributes with educational articles in "Photo Digital" and "Photo Magazine". At the moment he is as a lecturer at the Marmara University in the G.S.F. Photograph Department, at the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in the Photograph Department and at the Doğuş University in the Department for Graphic on the subjects of Graphic Creation and "Numeric Photography".

 Education books published by the photographer:

“Fotograf Teknik Okumaları” (Co Author with Faruk Akbaş), SAY Publishing Company, 2006

“Fotografın İpuçları”, Kodak Publishing Company, 2004

“Temel Fotograf”, Fotografevi Publishing Company, 2003


Emre Ikizler became  an expert in photographer education and photograph publishing. Still, on his travels his amateur spirit appears and lets him focus on nature and people.

His third personal photo exhibition titled "Nature" is a selection of the fruit of various travels. He gives special attention to visually beautiful landscapes, hard to reach mountains and lakes in nearly inaccessible places and close ups of flowers and beetles. He underlines differences in nature employing a simple expressive language and the masterly use of colour.

 The exhibition compiles of 24 color photographs sized 70x100 cm.