In an Akyaka that has

protected its natural and architectural structure,

perfected its infrastructure,

leads a vivid social and cultural life,

unites communal values and shares

this richness all year round with its visitors…

our NGO

has gained expertise in the protection of natural and cultural heritages,

operates from its own properties,

has united with the people by furthering public participation in social, cultural and educational


is open to interaction,

has constituted an alternative regional life style through its environmental knowledge,

has become an organization of global format through strong and intensive communication




The Society of the Friends of Gökova-Akyaka works towards an auto-protection mechanism

of the region in cooperation with the people of the basin, using its own organizational

structure for regional activities;

*by organizing educational activities to further people’s sensitivity towards nature and


*by cooperating with the people of the region to sustain the society’s activities

*by taking a lead role through scientific work, especially concerning nature protection

*by doing research and consultation and sharing the results

*by cooperating on national and international level

*by networking on national and international level to keep its work updated

*by producing and coordinating projects for a sustainable and nature protecting development