The aims of the association and the ways to accomplish these purposes.

Paragraph 3

The organisation’s objective is to protect nature, prevent pollution, secure the sustainable development of tourism in regard to the characteristics of settlement and traditional life style and to support and aid cultural and educational events.

The activities to accomplish these aims are as follows :

 A –      To assist the fulfilment of the incomplete infrastructures like the sewage system, the drinking water, streets, pavements, and drainage.

 B -       To cooperate with the concerned offices for the conservation of the flora and fauna of the area and for planting trees and flowers in the village.

 C –      To observe and keep clean the sea and the springs of the region for the benefit of the people.

 D –      To support the related departments with the conservation of the recreation areas for the benefit of children and adults.

 E –       To take the necessary actions with the concerned departments for the conservation of cultural, artistic, and natural wealth of Gökova Gulf and the village of Akyaka.

 F –       To assist the official departments in taking the necessary action for the application of the development plan and the regulations to prevent overbuilding.

 G –      To cooperate with the related offices for the prevention of air- water- earth- and noise pollution, waste problems, wrong insecticide usage and traffic problems.

 H -       To cooperate with the administration for informing the village residents on the rules concerning environmental protection and conservation.

 I –        To take part and to organize public festivities conforming with the principles of the association rules.

 J -        To activate the expansion of tourism in Akyaka and Gökova.

 K —    To rent and/or own clubrooms in accordance with the Law of Societies.

 L —     To educate and activate the members in various fields, like preparing archives and doing research work and to inform the villages around on the results. To organize cultural trips and visual shows and to take part in the activities of both national and international efforts for conservation.

 M -      Edition and distribution of printed matter helping to reach the aims of the association

 N -       The eventual financial gain of commercial activities (kiosk, beach management, cafeteria or similar) is to be added to the NGO’s general income.

 The Organisation’s Field of Activities

The NGO is actively involved in social, cultural, scientific and nature protecting issues.

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