Friends of Gökova-Akyaka


Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel House of Culture and Arts

Ufuk Çavuş 06.09. - 15.09. 2013

It was in the unique peace of historical peninsula of Eminönü in Istanbul, where I first opened my eyes to the world.
My mother remembers "the first sound you reacted to was the one of a steamboat ". This has always been proof to me of my great dependency and ties to Istanbul.
One of the main things I remember from my childhood is how I ran away from home many times. They always found me on a hill, sitting on a stone looking at the scenery.
During my secondary school years I was forced to leave home because of my studies and had to start struggling with life.
In high school and college, I specialized in the field of computing and worked short-term in various companies.
During my university years a good friend of mine handedsome of his photographs to me and said "Can you do some editing on the computer?" This introduced me to photography. His photographs were about nature and animals.
The question I asked myself was, why don't I start taking photos of all the things I see in all the places I go to.
At the end of my studies I worked in the area of computer graphics in various companies, and made visual communication the basis of my career planning.
I worked in advertising agencies in graphic design departments, as a graphic designer and art director.
In 2008, after nearly five years of sleepless nights dreaming of owning my own advertising agency, I founded "Green Apple RTH", where I am still involved as a board member and general manager.
My three favourite themes were now together; Computer technology, Graphic Design and Photography.
Due to my profession I had to visit many places both in Turkey and abroad and it gave me enormous pleasure to take photos of these regions and their people.
As part of my continuing memberships in İFSAK (Association of Photography and Film of Istanbul) and similar organizations I have taken part in many exhibitions in Istanbul.
In January 2013 I met and married the woman who changed my life. I said goodbye to Istanbul,the city where I was born, grew up and even intended to stay until I die and moved to the Gulf of Gökova.
These days the three things I love most are; my wife, my job and this place …..this magnificent bay.
Note: I applied too late for an exhibition in 2013but due to a cancellation of an exhibition I was able to stand in. Because of the short time between finding out that I could exhibit my work and the date of the exhibition, the preparatory process was limited.
Thank you for your understanding