Friends of Gökova-Akyaka


Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel House of Culture and Arts

Grup "Gökova" 04.10. - 13.10. 2013

This is a group of artists that consists of people from the surrounding villages. They work under the instruction of Teoman Ata, a painter and art teacher. Group work started in October 2012. Due to the winter season, they began their studies inside the workshop.
They worked on still life, designs and by standing as a model for each other. In sunny weather they go out to the coffeeshops on the riverside and paint pictures of boats and coastal landscapes. Teoman Ata says, “We live in a region that makes you think, I wish I'd be a painter, in any direction I turn my head I could make pictures of the scenery, a tree, a mountain, the sea" .
The group members share the same feelings and actively support natural life and environmental protection as environmentally very sensitive activists. With their pictures of the region they want to make a mark in the history of the natural environment. Teoman Ata, who is always with them, says with a smile "a good picture needs a solid layout".
Their understanding of work has changed from having fun in a hobby to serious work. On one hand excitedly drawing and painting in an interactive manner, on the other hand they investigate the adventure of painting in Turkey and in the world.
They are also understanding the masters from making copies of their work and putting effort in reading their works. As swimming can't be learned withoutjumping into the water, they do not hesitate to draw the most sophisticated issues. Starting with oil, they go on to try to tame the most difficult materials. Then again they go back to patterns, compositions, lines, spots and so on.
Now they all experience, that by hard work, anybody who is interested could become a painter, an artist. The creative part will change according to the talent of the person...
This group exhibition will be their first exhibition.In the near future, they aim to open exhibitions in the environment and cities, even in İzmir, Ankara or İstanbul