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Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel
House of Culture and Arts
Yüksel Hancıoğlu (29.06. - 08.07. 2012)

Born 1970 in Ankara. She started her college education there at Art and Craft Education Department of the Education Faculty of the Gazi University in the 1988. After she graduated in 1992, she worked until 1997 as an Art and Craft Teacher in the Karabük-Eflani Gymnasium, associated with the Ministry of National Education; the Saltukova Gymnasium in Zonguldak and the Zafer Primary School in Denizli. In 1996, she began her studies as a graduate student at the Department for Art and Crafts at the Institute for Social Science of the Pamukkale University in Denizli, from which she graduated as MA in 1998. Since 1997 she has worked at the Fine Arts Education Department of the Pamukkale University's Education Faculty.
She has had four personal exhibitions and participated in various national and international group exhibitions.

Personal Exhibitions:

2008 Turan Bahadır Art Gallery - Denizli
2008 Ilhan Arthouse - Ankara
2009 Izmir Turkish-American Culture Society Art Gallery - Izmir
2009 Antalya State Gallery for Fine Arts - Antalya
2011 Vakıfbank Istanbul Province Directory Foyer – Istanbul

International Group Exhibitions:
2010 AKFİD V. International Turkish Arts Exhibition, 21.-24.10.2010, Damascus/ Syria
2010 AKFİD I. International Photograph, Plastic & Traditional Arts Exhibition, Akşehir- Konya
2010 Pamukkale Univ. 1. International Art Colony/Workshop, 16.06.-05.07.2010, Denizli
2009 "The Traces of Art in the Turkish World",Gazi Univ. Museum Exhibition Salon, Ankara

National Group Exhibitions:
2010 TOBB ETÜ Faculty for Fine Arts Exhibition Salon "24th November, Teacher's Day Exhibition", 24.-30.11.2010, Ankara
2010 Çankaya Univ., "Respect for the Republic and Atatürk" Group Exhibition, Ankara
2010 "Pamukkale University 8. March World Women's Day II. Art Meeting", Group Paintings Exhibition, PAÜ Congress and Culture Center Exhibition Salon, Denizli
2009 Ankara State Paintings and Sculpture Museum, Ministry for Culture 9. Şefik Bursalı Painting Competition, 16.11.2009, Ankara
2009 Denizli Pamukkale University, PAÜ-KAUSAM, Group Exhibition with the Cooperation of the Turkish Women Council, PAÜ Congress and Culture Center Exhibition Salon, Denizli
2008 Denizli Artists Sculpture Arts Group Exhibition, Teraspark Art Gallery, Denizli