Friends of Gökova-Akyaka
Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel
House of Culture and Arts
Vahdet Kadıoğlu  & Seçkin Aksoy (15.06. - 24.06. 2012)

The artist lives in Ataköy/ Gökova and works in his own studio. In his paintings he uses oil or pastel paint or mixed techniques. He opened various exhibitions during his long years in Izmir.

His work could be called abstract or abstract expressionism. In the year 2003 he already opened an exhibition in the Nail Çakırhan-Halet Çambel Culture and Art House.



1986 Iş Sanat Galerisi – Izmir

1987 Turizm Müdürlüğü Salonu – Kuşadası

1987 Efes Müzesi – Selçuk

1989 Esbank Sanat Galerisi – Izmir

1992 Esbank Sanat Galerisi – Izmir

1994 Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi – Aydın

2001 İş Bankası Galerisi -İzmir

2003 Nail Çakırhan-Halet Çambel Kültur ve Sanatevi – Akyaka

2007 Basat Sanat Galerisi – Bakırköy Istanbul




Aksoy's exhibition "REFLECTIONS OF MY INNER SELF" confronts the spectator with designs lost in colours of existing figures, yet abstracted from their venues.
The artist's subconscious mind turns to expressionism "The painter, spontaneously expressing and understanding the colour let it appear in its own speckles". Seçkin Aksoy, never ceasing to search for life's invisible reality by turning colours upside down, graduated in 1995 from the studio of Kadir Ata of the Buca Faculty's Main Department of Arts and Crafts of the 9.September University. She opened numerous personal and participated in many group exhibitions. Aksoy, living in Izmir and working as Arts Teacher, works from her own studio on the weekends and participates in many events of the Turkuaz Group.