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Ömer Erkaraman (27.07. - 05.08. 2012)

Ömer Erkaraman was born 1953 in Karaman, where he also spent his childhood and youth. He graduated from the Ankara State Academy for Engineering and Architecture of the Gazi University as an architect. Having worked for many years in the construction sector, he is still functioning as project coordinator for the Çimentaş Education and Health Foundation and the Işıkkent Education Campus.


Making his way from the turner and alignment department of the Industrial High School, with his architect's eye schooled in university, he began to appreciate the adventure of artistic creation and started to create technical designs from wood and metal until finally discovering the traditional art of "naht", finely carved woodwork.



2007, Izmir, Chamber of Architecture

2008, Izmir, Municipality  Çetin Emeç Art Gallery

2009, Izmir, Atatürk Culture Center

2009, Istanbul,  Association of Journalists Exhibition Salon

2010, Bursa, Municipality Tayyare Culture Center


With his exhibitions the artist created an opportunity to introduce this special art to the interested public. Erkaraman believes that a tree cut in nature is able to resume its life in a new form and regards himself as a tool, which patiently, laboriously and persistently makes the tree's voice heard once again.