Friends of Gökova-Akyaka
Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel
House of Culture and Arts

GROUP "DALGA" (07.09. - 16.09. 2012)

Their friendship began in the year 1984 in Kayıhan Keskinok's Art and Manufacturing Studio.
Their hearts were filled with the same enthusiasm. They were the first students ever to be educated in Keskinok's studio; excitedly they rushed to their lessons...
They never neglected this friendship which was established during their student years. Together they organized events to make their voices heard and founded "Group 16". Besides Ankara and Istanbul they opened exhibitions in several provinces. Times passed quickly in 2010 the four friends were ready to form a new group, "Group Dalga" (Wave), to expand their horizons! They wanted to open their own personal exhibitions as well as "float like the waves" as a small group. They were very happy to be able to open their first exhibition in the Nail Çakırhan - Halet Çambel Culture and Art House in Akyaka. Akyaka is truly special in September.
They discovered anew why the "Friends of Gökova- Akyaka" have been founded, its importance…
The opportunity to exhibit again in Akyaka after two years excites them and kindles their passion for painting.
And they work on…

Gülgün Türel

She reflects all facets of her lively character on her canvass. Nostalgic images become alive with her colo
urs… They come alive sometimes in the opening of a flower bud, sometimes in a tramway, in a carriage. Sometimes as a cockerel, challenging us!  
Ayten Timuroğlu

After her ed
ucation in classic, impressionist and expressionist studies she started to develop her own style. She began to paint nature, fishermen and village women. Her pictures are born out of the union of reason and sense.
Her earlier work began with a fig tree painting, in the latter years she turned towards more abstract painting.    

Aynur Pehlivanlı

She paints pict
ures of everything she loves...because she knows that they

are produced out of sincerity and frankness. With every object memories are
awoken, they fill themselves with meaningfulness. Her past, illuminated in her paintings, is transported into the future; amongst her toys, teddy bears, dolls and puppets she tries to immortalize her cats: Kazım, Nurçin, Esma, Selami and the ones living on the streets...

Zahide Yükseler

She strives to catch the mood of women, draws them,
undoes them, rearranges them, until she breathes life into them.
  Her women hold their heads high on tall necks, barefoot.

Painting in grey, just using vivid colours in some places trying to say "there is beauty still", is not content…undoes them…rearranges them…