Friends of Gökova-Akyaka
Nail Çakırhan & Halet Çambel
House of Culture and Arts
Dilek Özmen (10.08. - 19.08. 2012)
Born in 1970, Bartin, Turkey, she graduated from the Department for Painting of the Gazi Education Faculty/ Gazi University, Ankara in 1992. The artist works in her studio in Bartin.
She joined over sixty group exhibitions in countries like Bulgaria, Rumania, America, Italy, Austria, China and Russia and opened twenty personal exhibitions, one of them in Germany. She won five awards.
Her works are found in locations like the World Art Foundation, the Caserta Museum and the New York Arts and Beijing art collections.
The artist is a member of the UNESCO AIAP Association of International Plastic Arts (UPSD).

2009 – Ege Hasta Derneği V. International Painting Competition- Worth Exhibiting
2007- Art Academy Art Competition - Second Prize
2006- Saküder Art Prize
2006- Art Academy Competition - Jury Private Prize
2005- China LM International Cartoon Competition - Certificate of Merit
1997- Aker Design Competition - Honourable Mention

2011- American Museum “Women in Art” Exhibition Catalogue
2010- NY Arts Magazine, “Winter 2010”
2009- 19th Istanbul Art Fair’s Catalogue
2009- NY Arts Magazine, “Fall 2009”
2009- Artist Actual Magazine, “July-August 2009”
2009- NY Arts Magazine, “Summer 2009”
2009- V. International “Diabetes” Art Competition Catalogue
2008- Inter Art International Biennial of Small Graphics Catalogue
2008- “7th Lessedra” World Art Print Annual Mini Print Exhibition Catalogue
2008- Womag Visual Arts Magazine
2007-“7th Lessedra” World Art Print Annual Mini Print Exhibition Catalogue
2007-“UPSD” Tüyap Art Fair Catalogue
2007- International “Meeting of Caravanserai II” Catalogue

2012- Galatasaray University/ Istanbul (5-9 March)
2012- Ziraat Bankası Tunnel Art Gallery/ Istanbul (20 February-9 March)
2010- R.D. Art Gallery/ Ankara
2010- Marziart Studio Gallery/ Hamburg-Germany
2009- Ispirtohane Culture Center, Fine Arts Gallery /Istanbul
2008- Culture Center Exhibition Hall/ Kırıkkale
2008- AKM Art Gallery/Istanbul
2008- Municipality Art Gallery/ Kocaeli
2007- Museum Exhibition Hall/Amasra
2006- Aladoğan Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2006- Mehmet Yücetürk Art Center/ Bolu
2006- Ansan Art Gallery/ Antalya
2005- Abdi Ipekçi Exhibition Hall/ Karadeniz Ereğli
2005- Cankaya Municipality Contemporary Arts Center/ Ankara
2005- Library Exhibition Hall/ Bartın
2004- Rıfat Ilgaz Culture Center, Fine Arts Gallery/ Kastamonu
2003- Ziraat Bank, Exhibition Salon/ Safranbolu
2003- State Fine Arts Gallery/ Zonguldak
2001- Vakıfbank Art Gallery/ Bartın
2000- Bilkent Center Cinemax/ Ankara

2011- Science Art Center/ Bartın
2011- İfas International Exhibition, Selçuk University/ Konya
2011- “Yin-Yang” Contemporary Art and History Museum/ Moscow, Russia
2011- “Ucube- Ebucu”,Tepebaşı Municipality Exhibition Salon/ Eskişehir
2011- “Woman in Art" Exhibition, American Museum/ Miami, Florida, America
2011- “Arachne” VII. Women in Art Show Exhibition, Primo Piano Gallery/ Lecce, Italy
2011- ”Violence against Women” Exhibition, UPSD Sanat Gallery/ Istanbul
2010- “Portakal Çiçeği II." International Art Colony Exhibition, CRR/ Istanbul
2010- Art District Gallery/ Las Vegas, America
2010- WAF Expo Place Gallery/ Las Vegas, America
2010-“Women Artists" Group Exhibition, Yazıcıoğlu Culture Center/ Aydın
2010-“Women Everywhere”, Municipality Old Building/ Bartın
2010- Pamukkale University II. Art Meeting/ Denizli
2010- Saküder Paintings Exhibition, Contemporary Arts Center/ Ankara
2010- “Art 2010 Global Art Perspectives”, Broadway Gallery/ NewYork, USA (Jan.2-30)
2009- “Abstract Paintings” Bahsimi Art House, Salzburg Gallery/ Austria
(Curator: Sebnem Basimi Holzer)
2009- 19th Artist Art Fair, Tüyap/ Istanbul
2009- “Politics, Practices and Emotions”, Broadway Gallery/ New York, USA
(Curator: Basak Malone)
2009- Spazio-Tempo "Human Rights" San Lucia-Belvedere/ Caserta, Italy
(Curator: Roberto Ronca)
2009- “Summer Mix /4” Cihangir Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2009- Cihangir Art Gallery, Summer Group Exhibition/ Istanbul
2009- “Works on Paper” NY Arts Venice Pavilion/ Italy
2009- World Art Expo’09/ California, USA
2009- World Art Foundation Grand Salon Des Arts/ California, USA
2009- “Sesan Art and Women" Exhibition, Değirmenönü Culture Center/ Antalya
2009- TEGV “8 March Art Exhibition" , Akmerkez/ Istanbul
2009- V. International Diabetes Art Competition's Exhibition, AKM/ Izmir
2008- Oregon Ink Spot Print Exchange Exhibition, Nightingale Gallery/ USA
2008-Harbiye Military Museum/ Istanbul
2008- International Biennial Of Small Graphics "Inter Art", D'art Gallery/ Aiud, Romanya
2008- 7th Lessedra World Art Print Annual Mini Print Exhibition/ Sofia,Bulgaria
2008- Abra Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- Nezih Danyal Caricature Foundation Art Gallery/ Ankara
2007- Tüyap Art Fair/ Istanbul
2007- “Picture of Happiness”, Çekirdek Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- Çekirdek Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- Eflatun Art Gallery/ Kaş, Antalya
2007- Abra Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- 6th Lessedra World Art Print Annual Mini Print Exhibition/ Sofia, Bulgaria
2007- “Art Academy” Competition’s Exhibition/ Istanbul
2007- Museum Exhibition Salon/ Burdur
2007 - “CNR”/ Istanbul
2007- “15 Artist 45 Signs” Cekirdek Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- “86 Women 86 Signs” Cekirdek Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- “Van Gogh Explanations“ Cekirdek Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2007- Saküder New Year's Exhibition”/ Ankara
2006- Modern Art Gallery/ Ankara
2006- International Meeting Of Caravanserai II/ Malatya
2006- Art Academy Art Competition’s Exhibition/ Istanbul
2006- International Mail Art Exhibition, Bahariye Art Gallery/ Istanbul
2006- Library Exhibition Hall/ Bartın
2006- "69 Women 69 Works", Çekirdek ArtGallery/ Istanbul
2005- “China LM” Cartoon Competition Exhibition/ China
2005- Library Exhibition Salon/ Bartın
2004- Library Exhibition Salon/ Bartın
2003 Library Exhibition Salon/ Bartın
1991- Nasrettin Hoca Cartoons Competition’s Exhibition/ Ankara
1991- Gazi University Exhibition Salon