Ayten Timuroğlu

was born in Ankara in 1941. She began painting at “The State Painting and Sculpture Museum in 1984, and continued to work at “Sanatyapım- Kayıhan Keskinok’s Atelier until 1991. She has been painting in her own studio since 1991. She had 14 solo exhibitions and joined many group exhibitions. Afterher recent photopentüre paintings, she is painting working women who are living in the village.

After having retired, she began to improve her skills in the workshop of Ayhan Keskinok. After six years of  classical, impressionistic and cubistic studies she started in her own workshop. In her oils she preferres figurative portraits.

Describing her  aim as "Spending half my time in Gökova,  I want to reflect the sea, the fishermen and the whole of this nature and contribute to the mutual beauty of our life by being productive", she develloped in her latest exhibitions an interesting kind of "Photopainting".

The artist is member of the association of "Ankara Female Paintors".

Besides her peronal exhibitions she took part in various group exhibitions.

Examples of her new exhibition: