Exhibitions 2005

Ayten Taşpınar (21.10 - 30.10)

1944 Born in Merzifon.

1967 Graduated from Ankara Women‘s Technical Teacher College, Department Art

1967 - 1994 Taught Art at Muğla Anatolia Women‘s Vocational High school.

1978 - 1979 Worked with children at Muğla Central Children‘s Care and Orphan House. Held an exhibition with pictures children made at the conference organized by International Children‘s Year Committee and presented a paper on education.

1988 - 1989 Participated in the drawing course, exhibition and panel organized by Muğla Architectures‘ Chamber for children.

1991 Received the third prize at the art competition by Muğla Environment Foundation.

1979 - 2004 Worked at Muğla Council children drawing courses. Takes part in mixed exhibitions. Works in her own workshop. „Art is an extraordinary way of communication. Working and sharing on your own or together.“

Personal Exhibitions:

1973 50th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic Atatürk Exhibition- Muğla

1993 State Arts Gallery - Antalya

1994 Antalya Museum- Antalya

1994 Sarıgerme Park Iber Hotel - Muğla

1996/97/99/01/03 Art Gallery - Ankara