Exhibitions 2005

Işık Soytürk (12.08 - 21.08)

She finished high school in Istanbul. She graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Literature, and has a degree in Archaeology. While being a student, she participated in surface research around Çanakkale. In those years she travelled to many ancient sites in Turkey and took photos.

After she graduated, she worked as a teacher for some time. She also gave private lessons. In summers, she worked as an archaeological restaurateur at many sites. Bursa İznik Theatre, Southeast Anatolia Fırat Karakaya Dam Rescue, Edirne Enez, Muğla Dalyan/Kaunos, Çanakkale Assos, Niğde Ulukışla, and Sivas Başören Hitit City Sites are some of them..

She holds an MA in Museum Sciences. Her writings introducing Turkey’s history and touristy places have been published in magazines such as Art Decor, Antic Decor, İş Bankası Art Magazine , Akbank Culture and Art Magazine, Ak Kadın, Denizin Sesi, Boyacı Küpü, Shell İlgi.

She lived for some time in the Netherlands. During this period , she joined activities concerning children’s education. She continues these activities in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. She held photo exhibitions to introduce Turkey’s natural and cultural values.