Exhibitions 2005

Mediha Gerez Çakmak (29.07 - 07.08)

Mediha Gerez Çakmak, was born on 30 June 1947 in Istanbul. She graduated from Applied Fine Arts College in 1974, specialized in Decorative Art.

1974-1982 she worked as a designer for Erdoğanlar Company in the kitchen and bathroom department. She then worked as a free-lance designer.

Since 1982 she paints as well as designs clothes.

Her life philosophy is “ Every day is a new day, if yesterday was without love, that does not mean, today will be without love either. Life means love. „ “Love so that people who love you will get more.”

With this philosophy she offers her messages to be seen in a surreal description.

This is Mediha Gerez Çakmak‘s forth personal exhibition after İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir and who is in love with the creators creations.

Some of the paintings are published as postcard and all are published in her exhibition album.

Exhibitions: From Love to Love

2000 İstanbul - Kadıköy “Gallery Mediha”

2001 İzmir State Art and Sculpture Museum

2002 Ankara Ministry of Culture - Art and Sculpture Gallery