Exhibitions 2005

Feride Dağlı (20.05 - 29.05)

Was born in Istanbul in 1955.

After finishing high school in Istanbul Private ABC High school, she started working in the private sector. Her interests in painting started when she was a child and lead her into searching. She experienced with pattern and various painting techniques.

She designed jewellery. These works were exhibited and sold in famous stores in Istanbul.

After she got retired in 1996, she worked in İzmir Karşıyaka Town Hall and in Bostanlı Art Gallery with artist Celal Yetkin, later with artist Ass. Prof. Mehmet Bostaş for 6 years. She continues her work in her own workshop.

In her aquarelles and oil paintings, she mostly pictures nature and her dreams; perceptions she gets from nature are sincerely expressed spontaneously as colour and patches.

She held 13 personal exhibitions, participated in many mixed exhibitions.

Paintings which were shown in tourist places were seen by people from various countries. She has had the chance to meet people in Turkey as well as in many countries of America and Europe.