Exhibitions 2005

Çiğdem Meral (01.07 - 10.07)

Was born in Ankara. Completed her education in Ankara. Has a degree in Archaeology and Art History from Dil Tarih Coğrafya Faculty. Latter she settled down in Istanbul.

From 1991 on, her interest in painting increased and she started working in Vefa Efendizade, Tijen Şikar, and Bahattin Odabaşı workshops.

She worked with every kind of material. Later she concentrated more on aquarelle because it does not accept any kind of mistake and cannot be corrected once it is dry and changes permanently while working. In her paintings she mostly pictures landscapes. The themes are nature‘s movements that give changeable light. In indoor works, she emphasized the harmony of light and colour.

Personal Exhibitions:

2000 Tekirdağ State Fine Arts Gallery

2001 Oyak Bank Art Gallery

Karma sergiler:

1995 Caddebostan Culture Centre - Kadıköy

1996 İstanbul Tınısı T.C. Kültür Mirasında Yıldız Sarayı City and Life Gallery

1997 Meserret Culture House - Beyoğlu

1998 March International Women‘s Day Kadıköy Town Hall

1999 Caddebostan Culture Centre - Kadıköy