Exhibitions 2005

BronzHane (17.06 - 26.06)

Nadia Arditti, Tahsin Altınkaya, Nevin Köksal, Uğur Çakı, Murat Ali Çelik, Fergül Yücel, Devrim Can & İnci Karataş

“BronzHane“ was founded in Bornova, Izmir in December 2001.

First, the workshop that opened to make the Bronze sculptures of the founder Cem Sağbil, worked with the long forgotten wax technique and thus recreated a thousand- year-old culture in the Aegean region. BronzHane, which is under the managing responsibility of Tahsin Altınkaya, is developing bronze works with new techniques with three technical personnel, one sculptor and one goldsmith. One aim of BronzHane is to support future sculptors. In accordance to this aim it provides learning and working opportunities for students and sponsors them in various ways.

We have set up a mixed exhibition on bronze sculptures by bringing together artists who worked in our workshop. This exhibition, which is the first in Akyaka for BronzHane, will be organized in different places under the sponsorship by BronzHane every year.