She was born in 1954 in Hamburg. She received her first camera as a present when she was five and took photographs of self-prepared still life motives, cats and her dolls. When she was seventeen she wanted to become a photographer like her grandfather and her aunt. First she worked as photo lab assistant. After working for years  “in the dark”, she gave up that job and only took pictures as a hobby.

In 1985, she held an exhibition of her works at Epfendorf Culture House in Hamburg. After coming to Turkey, she mainly aims to reflect the natural beauties in her photographs.


 (Heike Thol-Schmitz) She was born in Cologne, Germany in 1962. After travelling through different countries and regions of the Mediterranean with her husband, she decided to settle down in Gökova-Akyaka and join the nature preservation works there.  Since 1995 she is the chairperson of G.A.S.-Der and became a Turkish citizen in 2003. Among the nature preserving work, she especially pays attention to protect otters and birds. She wants to introduce traditional and really sustainable life styles of people she has seen in different regions of Turkey during her wetland studies in a photograph exhibition.