He was born in Istanbul in 1923. He got a degree in Archaeology from Istanbul University in 1950. He worked in the founding of the Photograph Lab at the Faculty of Literature. He joined the excavation in Side, Perge, and Karatepe. In 1954, he worked as a camera assistant, cameraman and perpetrator for documentary films at the Film Centre of Istanbul University, where he also worked in founding the centre. He retired in 1989 as the director of the Film Centre.


About the exhibition:

   While doing archaeological researches for İstanbul Literature Faculty, photos were taken by Aziz Albek, determining places such as Göreme, Mt. Zigana, Van and various types of the country. The pictures in which not only in subject choice but also in taking and preparing there is a taste, originality and sincerity, show that the photographer can hold the identity of an artist, even if the photographs do not. 

(Source: Fikret Adil,

Yeni İstanbul Gazetesi, 12 March 1960)

This photo exhibition is the same I held at the Turkish-German Culture Society, called “Under the Anatolian Sun” in 1960.